Saturday, August 14, 2010

Fresh Corn Chowder

1/2 lb. bacon, chopped
1 c. chopped mild yellow onion
4 ribs celery, chopped
1/2 c. flour
2 qt. chicken stock
4 sm. potatoes
2 tsp. freshly cracked white pepper
1 tsp. dried thyme
2 bay leaves
3 tbsp. chopped parsley
2 cloves garlic, minced
6 sm. ears sweet corn, cut off the cob (3 c. kernels)
2 c. light cream (I used half and half)
Salt and pepper to taste

In a large pot, heat the bacon and sauté until crisp.
Remove the bacon and reserve to use as a garnish for the soup.
Add the onions and celery to the bacon fat and sauté until soft, being careful not to brown.
Sprinkle the vegetables with the flour and continue to cook over low heat, stirring frequently, for about 10 minutes. Be carefull not to brown.

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